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Crenshaw Health Partners Inc. Helping California Get Covered

Protect the health of those you love most. 

Crenshaw Health Partners Inc. Enrollment Center

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There's more financial help available through

Covered California in 2024 to lower out-of-pocket

costs for health insurance. See if you qualify

during open enrollment and finish enrolling today.

Call us for free enrollment help at (323) 296-0292

or visit us walk-in appointment are available


Crenshaw Health Partners is a Covered California (CC) , also known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare, Enrollment Center.

We offer

Free Assistance / Enrollment by Phone

Certified Covered California Enrollment Center

Medi-Cal Enrollment

Medicare Advantage & Supplement Plans

Veteran Healthcare benefits

All Health Plans Include Free Preventive Care

Open Enrollment ends 01/31/24 

Special Enrollment is year-round, within 60 days of a life-altering change. Medi-Cal Enrollment is year-round

Our courteous Certified Enrollment Counselors (CECS) provide free assistance to navigate through the Covered California process.

If you are currently paying 9.6% or more for healthcare coverage, call us to see how much premium assistance you'll receive when you switch to a Covered California Qualified Health Plan

Relaxing at Home

What Well Covered
Families Say

We were worried about the coverage cost for a family of 4 but were excited to find a Covered California Plan that surprisingly fit our budget.


After speaking with a Crenshaw Health Partners counselor was able to relax and get a great night sleep knowing that I had secured a health care plan. Now I can relax know that I am covered in an emergency 

Bianca E.

It is amazing the Freedom you feel when you have health insurance. I have the freedom to do absolutely nothing or to go try any extreme sport.

Eric D.

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