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About Crenshaw Health Partners Inc.


Margo Thomas

Executive Director

Providing more that just healthcare for over 20 years

About Crenshaw Health Partners Inc.,  Your Trusted Community Partner 


Crenshaw Health Partners Inc. was founded in December 2013 by a small group of entrepreneur-thinking individuals who saw the need to provide much needed resources for United States veterans and senior citizens who did not understand their physical needs or doctors’ explanations and families with health concerns within the underserved communities within Los Angeles County.


When Covered California was created along with its federally mandated Navigator Program, Crenshaw Health Partners applied for a Covered California grant and was awarded as a Covered California Certified Enrollment Entity to provide free enrollment assistance and outreach and education activities regarding the importance of having healthcare coverage.

In June 2014, Crenshaw Health Partners Inc. Enrollment Center had its grand opening in the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza in Los Angeles California, which was well attended by elected officials, community leaders and members. Certified Enrollment Counselors (CECs) were hired to assist consumers interested in receiving healthcare coverage. Dr. Payne’s House Calls was an in-person health-related educational series that answered questions, provided disease prevention information for seniors, families and veterans.

July 1, 2019, Crenshaw Health Partners separated from its fiscal sponsor and became recognized as Crenshaw Health Partners Inc. (CHPI), a 501©3 nonprofit public benefit corporation with a mission to improve health literacy, promote health and provide health-related information and resources. The closure of Public Health Emergency (COVID19) has provided an opportunity for CHPI to become a Department of Health Care Services Ambassador to assist Medi-Cal recipients who no longer qualify for Medi-Cal receive healthcare coverage with Covered California. We continue as a Certified Enrollment Entity and our CECs continue to provide free assistance as they navigate through the various Covered California Qualified Health Plans while assisting consumers make their healthcare coverage selection. Collaborating with other established community-based organizations, CHPI continues to serve Los Angeles County.

Our Philosophy


The mission of Crenshaw Health Partners Inc (CHPI) is to improve health literacy, promote health and healthy options while providing quality access to health-related resources.


Core Values






At CHPI We are focused on decreasing the high rates of morbidity and mortality, particularly within the Black and Brown communities. There is so much health-related information in the air waves which often tends to be confusing even to the highly educated while to others, reliable and accurate information may not be readily available. We are passionate about caring for the community.

Health literacy emphasizes the ability to use health information, rather than just understanding it and focuses on the ability to make well-informed decisions rather than inappropriate ones.


It's the extent to which folks have the ability to understand and use information and services that help to make health-related decisions and actions for themselves and others, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

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