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There is so much health-related information that is floating in the air waves that even the highly educated may be confused…to others, information may not be as readily available. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, within the black and brown communities, morbidity and mortality rates are higher than other ethnicities. Crenshaw Health Partners, Inc (CHPI) is focused on decreasing those rates and more through our efforts to promote health and improve health literacy. We believe that if you know better, and you are serious about the way that you and your loved ones feel, you do better.

Health literacy refers to the ability to understand the bodily organs, their systems, and functions. It is understanding health challenges and conditions, doctors’ explanations and instructions for treatments and medications. With that being said, it is understanding enough health information that causes you to know what questions to ask your healthcare professionals and providers about your health and services to seek while you’re trying to figure it out.

Our History…

Crenshaw Health Partners was founded in December 2013 by a small

group of entrepreneur-thinking individuals, several who were members of the same church. Soon after its formation, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Covered California came into existence. Since Crenshaw Health Partners had not established its own nonprofit status at that time, its board members made an agreement with Los Angeles Third Church of Spiritual Living for the church to serve as our fiscal sponsor. As a result of this agreement, Crenshaw Health Partners was awarded by Covered California to participate in its Navigator Grant Program.

June 2014, Crenshaw Health Partners Enrollment Center opened in the

Baldwin Hills Crenshaw mall in Los Angeles, California. Here, we began to provide free assistance to consumers interested in receiving healthcare coverage. Our Certified Enrollment Counselors (CECs) navigate through the various health plans with consumers and enrolls them into their chosen health plan. “Our health-related lecture series, formally known as “Dr. Payne’s House Calls”, was led by co-founder Brownell Payne, M.D., which provided resourceful information to the community.

Effective March 2019, Crenshaw Health Partners was established as a

501(c)3 nonprofit organization. On July 1, 2019, the separation from

our fiscal sponsor, Los Angeles Third Church of Spiritual Living,

became effective.

As we continue to grow…

Crenshaw Health Partners, Inc promotes health with its efforts to improve health literacy and aid in the dissolution of health inequities and disparities.

We are here to provide you with information, education and access to quality healthcare resources.

COVID-19 has caused every person, business and organization to alter some aspect of their lives and operations. As we reconfigure our operations, we are planning to launch the first segment of our Nutrition Program via virtual interactive webinars and outdoor workshops with enforced safe distancing and more.

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