Emergency Preparedness Program What can you do if you’re with   someone who becomes ill, has an epileptic episode, incurs a serious injury from a fall or accident or any other number of life-threatening accidents?  Do you know what you need to take if you only have two minutes to gather your belongings and leave your home?  How can you prepare yourself/your family to handle disasters or emergencies? No matter where you live, the effects of climate change and environmental changes and abuses are altering the living conditions of humans, animals and plants alike.  Educating our community about the necessary survival skills, particularly young people, has become and should be necessary for the future.  Various components of each Crenshaw Health Partners program is interwoven with each of our programs. Crenshaw Health Partners, in collaboration with various emergency service companies, organizations and associations, mental health organizations and associations, faith-based and community-based organizations, provides information that prepares participants with the necessary tools for survival and stress reduction. Stay tuned for our 2020 schedule and ‘Like’ us on FaceBook!